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Student Sets Sights on Professional Ranks

20 Mar 2023

Every now and then as a coach, you meet someone with genuine talent. It’s rare. My first real talent came in the form of a young 11-year-old boy, Yash Majmudar. His father came to me one day on the back of a recommendation. Nishit wanted someone to coach his young son.

Yash had been exposed to a lot of golf tournaments for his age; he was a natural competitor and showed genuine ability. Most importantly though, he had a work ethic and a fantastic attitude. Combine this with a sports fanatic family, an extremely talented mother (Varsha was a national champion in Table Tennis and Snooker champion) and a perfectly supportive father (Nishit was involved but he was also trusting in the coach he selected) and you have a recipe for success!

I coached Yash from 11 to 16 years old. I watched as he grew not only as a boy and a golfer, I watched as he matured into a young man. His game evolved, his experiences grew and his failures were vast. We lost and we won. 

At 16 years old, he came to Houston with me to work alongside both Australia’s and Japan’s national coaches and their service providers. We exposed him to the best amateurs in the world. An experience we will never forget.

Yash studied in college in the USA on golf scholarship. We stayed in touch and it was hard to let go as a coach when your best player moves into another’s guidance. 

To this day we are close friends and still we work on his golf when we get a chance - but to be honest, these days it’s more moral support and minimal manipulation. He’s become a fine golfer in his own right.

Yash helped me become a better coach, we both grew as we worked on his golf development together. Today, I sit back and admire his skill, his incredible length off the tee and his short game. Most of all, I admire his character.

I’m proud to see Yash marching forward into the professional ranks. It’s a process and he’s been incredibly patient. I’m proud to call his family my friends and I’m proud to know I had a lot to do with this fine young man.

Yash Majmudar

  • First hole-in-one at eight years old

  • Won the 2012 San Diego Junior Masters at Carlton Oaks Golf Club with rounds of 63 and 69. The round of 63 set a tournament record which included an eagle, eight birdies and a bogey

  • The youngest player to ever win the Singapore National Amateur Championship at 15 years old

  • Won the Yas Links Men’s Open in February 2021 with rounds of 66 and 72 for a 6-under par total of 138 

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