Jungle Golf

Jungle Golf is our Grassroots learning program for the little ones, from five to eight-year-olds. Jungle Golf is Brad’s brainchild, an engaging, fun and challenging programme that gives children the perfect introduction to the fun and beauty of the game.

Kids will learn the fundamentals and move up the levels.

The levels of growth relate to the animals of the Jungle. From a monkey to a giraffe and eventually they will walk out of our programme as the King and Queen of the Jungle - The lion.

Along the way our little ones will learn all necessary golfing skills, etiquette, respect for others, have lots of fun and laughter together with their new friends and they are rewarded with prizes and level recognition trophies.

This is a world’s first concept. Unique and based on 25,000 hours of observing and coaching young kids.

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