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When watching the best players in the world, whether it’s on TV or live in person, you may notice some differences in the way each player swings the golf club. However, one thing that these players all have in common is they all have very similar and repeatable impact positions.


Put simply, impact is the moment we make contact with the ball. This point of the swing is crucial in determining the outcome of the shot. Below are some key points you will need to achieve a more efficient impact position, especially with your irons.


  • Weight Forward - It’s ideal to have most of your weight on your lead side at contact to strike the ground correctly, lean the shaft forward, and generate speed and rotation.


  • Shaft Lean - Try to avoid helping the ball in the air by scooping. Keep your hands ahead of the club head for a good strike, improved ball speed, and better compression on the ball.


  • Rotation - For an effective golf impact position, your hips and torso should be rotated towards the target at impact. This will provide space for your arms and club to swing into, improving post-impact extension and width.


  • Head Stability - Maintain the position of your head at setup with minimal side-to-side movement. This will help ensure more consistency in your delivery and strike.


These four points are shown in the pictures below, from different angles:

To conclude, if you are struggling with your impact position, it is more than likely you are missing some of these key points. Next time you are on the range, try focusing on these areas by using the drill below and see your iron shots improve. 


Drill – Simulating impact is a great way to feel all of the above. Before hitting the ball, create your desired impact and hold for a few seconds. The key to this exercise is to exaggerate your impact position, so you can really feel the difference.


If you need help, feel free to reach out to us at the International Golf Institute!

Louis Farrelly

Louis Farrelly

Louis Farrelly has over 10 years of coaching experience in the UK, Portugal, and Singapore. He competed in various tournaments and represented Portugal in the 2009 World Golfers Championship. Get to know him here!

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