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How often do you find yourself reflecting after a round of golf on how much lower your score could have been?


Every time you tee it up, you want to play to the best of your ability but in reality, you rarely play to your full potential. With the right approach, better strategy and decision-making, positive mentality and an increased understanding of your game, all of this can enable you to play better and more consistent golf.


Below are 3 tips to shoot lower scores on the golf course: 

1. Correct yardage

Consider your environment. There are several factors that could affect the club that you decide to use to play your shot. For example, the yardage will increase when you are playing uphill or into the wind. If you are using a 7 iron, you will need to go up to a 6 iron or even a 5 iron depending on the severity of the conditions. The opposite applies for downhill and downwind shots (7 iron to an 8 or 9 iron). Another factor you may want to consider is where the flag is positioned on the green. For example, if there is water in front of the green and the flag is positioned close, allow for extra yardage. 


2. Take your medicine

Resist the temptation to take on the hero shot. If you find yourself in the trees after an errant tee shot, the most important thing to do is to get the ball back in play. Even if you have to accept you will be further away from the hole, try and ensure your next shot is from the fairway. The same applies if you find yourself out of position after your approach shot, you don’t always have to aim for the flag but instead the widest part of the green. 


3. Simplify your short game

Use less loft to suit the shot. More often than not, golfers use a club with too much loft when chipping, even when there is plenty of green to work with. Next time you are on the edge of the green, try using a club with less loft such as a pitching wedge, 9 iron, or even an 8 iron. Aim to land the ball a yard or two onto the green. When taking less loft, even if you mishit your shot, the ball will still roll towards your target, as there will be less spin. If the flag is close to you and you have less green to work with, this is the time you should opt to play your sand or lob wedge.


Golf is a great, but a challenging game. Next time you are on the course, give these tips a go and hopefully they will help to take a few shots off your score. Good luck!

Louis Farrelly

Louis Farrelly

Louis Farrelly has over 10 years of coaching experience in the UK, Portugal, and Singapore. He competed in various tournaments and represented Portugal in the 2009 World Golfers Championship. Get to know him here!

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